What To Look Forward To In Your Second Pregnancy

A second pregnancy is an independent experience and event of its own. Be prepared for some mental and physical surprises. The pregnancy symptoms and the outcome depend on a number of physical and emotional factors. Your first birth experience may or may not have had an impact. The send time round, the symptoms depend on the way your body would have responded to the medical conditions that you have already been through.

Common Signs In Second Timers

During the second pregnancy, a woman becomes more sensitive to the fetal movements. You can feel the fetal movements a month earlier than the last time. Most women notice that their tummy seems obvious much earlier than during the first one. Remember here that your abdominal muscles had loosened up during the first childbirth. Due to this some, second time moms may develop early back or pelvic pain.

As your abdominal muscles had stretched during your first pregnancy, second timers tend to carry the baby lower. The pressure on the pelvic region and the bladder may increase the urge for frequent urination. Due to this, when it comes to labor, second timers may not find a drop (in what? Check this please) until active contractions set in.

On the emotional front, the excitement experienced during the first childbirth may not be as high as the previous one. This may be because the mother needs to maintain a balance between handling her pregnancy symptoms and taking care of the first child. There is no need to panic as this is not a sign that you lack the emotional warmth required for your second child.

Preparing For The New Baby

Mothers need to remember that each child is unique. Each one will have his or her exclusive set of personality traits and will display some or all characteristics in contrast to its elder sibling. The emotional challenges of the second pregnancy will be different. This time round you will have another person – your firstborn, who too will have to cope with the arrival of a new born.

It is very essential to keep in mind that the psychology or the emotional setup of a child is very different from that of an adult. How you break the news of a second arrival depends a lot on your child’s emotional make up and age. However, make every effort possible to make sure that the coming of your second child is a pleasant and a memorable occasion for the firstborn.

Each pregnancy is unique. Usually second pregnancy signs and symptoms are different from the first. If vomiting and nausea was bad in the first case, it need not be so now. Generally women are mentally better equipped this time round. Care needs to be taken as there could be possibilities of complications such as recurring gestational diabetes. However, the probability of recurrence will again depend on a lot of factors. Seek professional help to rule out all your doubts.

It is always better to plan your second pregnancy. Being prepared makes life easy for second time moms and everybody around. Especially with your first child around, a well planned pregnancy will help you and your spouse to be more organized in all aspects.