Pregnancy Symptoms That Confirm A Pregnancy

There is a multitude of pregnancy symptoms that can help you decide whether you are pregnant or not. However, since several of these symptoms are present in other disorders as well, it is better to get a proper pregnancy test done to confirm a pregnancy.

Some Common Ways Of Identifying Pregnancy:

There are a lot of indicators that signal pregnancy. Here are some pregnancy symptoms that would help you decide whether it is time to visit the doctor:

  • If you do not generally miss your period, skipping one is one of the most common methods of spotting pregnancy. On the other hand, hormonal changes in your body not related to conception, might lead to missing a period too.

  • A few days after conception, certain women might notice spotting and experience. This occurs when the embryo lodges itself into the wall of the uterus. This symptom is usually referred to as implantation bleeding.
  • You might feel that your taste buds have undergone certain changes. You might experience an uncontrollable desire to eat certain foods, even items that you did not like earlier. This can indicate a pregnancy.
  • The darkening of the skin around your nipples might also mean that you have conceived.
  • If you are urinating more often than usual, you can get a pregnancy test done.
  • Pain in the lower portion of the back is a symptom of pregnancy.
  • Have you lately started feeling low on energy? Exhaustion or extreme tiredness is one of the most common pregnancy symptoms.
    As you already know, pregnancy brings a lot of changes in your body. So, if you feel that there is some change in your breasts, like they have become more sensitive or sore to the touch, you might be pregnant.

  • Nausea or morning sickness is considered to be another symptom. Although it is fairly common among mothers-to-be, there are women who might not experience it while expecting.
  • Sometimes, depression, anxiety, or changes in the emotions commonly referred to as mood swings might plague women who are carrying a child. It is very important to keep a check on these emotional changes as they can lead to serious problems later.

As mentioned earlier, most of these symptoms are not common to all expecting mothers. They might be experienced for several other reasons that might have nothing to do with pregnancy. However, if you observe several pregnancy symptoms simultaneously, taking a pregnancy test as soon as possible is important.