Pregnancy Calculator - Knowing Your Possible Due Date For Delivery

A pregnancy calculator is the ideal pregnancy tool to calculate the due date for delivery. If you are pregnant and are anxious to know when your newborn would arrive, you should download a reliable pregnancy calendar from the Internet.

Uses Of Pregnancy Calculator

Besides calculating the approximate date of delivery, a pregnancy calculator can also help identify the date of conception and the number of pregnancy weeks completed.

Once you are able to keep a track of the pregnancy stages, you would be able to understand the physical and developmental changes within yourself better.

Now that you know why doctors recommend all mothers-to-be to maintain a pregnancy calendar, let us move on to how to calculate dates with the help of a calculator.

Calculating With A Pregnancy Calculator

For using the calculator, you would have to enter the details of your last menstrual period including the month, date and the year in which you had them last. You would also have to enter the details of the number of days you have your periods every month.

Once you have entered all the above mentioned details, the pregnancy calculator would calculate the possible due date, date of conception, and the beginning and the end of the three pregnancy stages. The calculator will also provide the details of the remaining weeks of pregnancy but only after you feed in your due date.

Some More Uses

Besides doing all the above, the calculator will help you to know the changes that you will experience on a weekly basis. You would also be able to find the developmental changes that take place in the embryo.

A pregnancy calendar also provides some tips and advice on how to take care of your self during that week. For example, if you have entered your fifth week, the calculator would tell you that the embryo has implanted itself to the uterus wall. The pregnancy symptoms that you would experience during this week would include frequent urination, fatigue and breast tenderness. The tips would advise you on your diet and exercise schedule to help reduce the pregnancy symptoms.

A Word Of Advice

Even though a pregnancy calculator is the ultimate solution to calculate the due date, one must remember not to follow it blindly. The calculator provides accurate information only if you feed the correct information into it. Also the calculations provided are a mere ‘guess estimate’ of your due date. You can in give birth anywhere between the 38th and the 42nd week.

Statistics show that only 5% of babies are born on their exact due date. So even though the pregnancy calculator is a useful guide to determine the due date; it is definitely not 100% accurate.