Pre-natal Vitamins

Most women become anemic during pregnancy. The body’s demand on vitamins increase because of the extra body it needs to nurture. Iron, folic acid, and calcium are the most important vitamins. In addition to exercising, resting and drinking plenty of water; vitamins are equally important to increase the chances to a healthy baby.

Folic acid reduces the risk of serious birth defects of the brain and spinal cord. A baby who is born with spinal bifida has a spine that is not closed. The exposed nerves are damaged and may cause the baby to be paralyzed or sometime mental retardation. These defects usually develop 28 days after conception. Most women don’t know they’re pregnant and they have a poor diet habit. This poor diet will cause birth defects which is why doctors recommend pre-natal vitamins. You should take them well before the time you plan to conceive. A well balanced diet should be adopted as part of anyone’s lifestyle no matter the reason for it. Even more importantly for women just in case they decide to become pregnant. Folic acid can be found in foods like whole wheat products like brown rice, barley, and whole wheat flour products. Natural sources also include dark green vegetables, nuts, beans, and citrus fruits.

Calcium can prevent a mother’s loss of bone density. The body automatically takes her own density as the baby’s mineral for bone growth. For this reason it’s important to double up on your calcium in take. Make sure you’re eating whole grains with a good source of magnesium so that you can absorb your calcium from your foods. Brown rice again has a great source of magnesium. Vegetables like spinach and broccoli are a great source of calcium. You can get your folic acid, calcium and Iron all from the same place. Eat plenty of dark green and purple vegetables. Iron will help the body carry oxygen to both the mother and the baby. Lentil beans are a great source of Iron and B vitamins. Aloe Vera juice is also a great source for B12 vitamins. You can never get enough of the B vitamins.

Take advantage of these crazy food binges and eat plenty of natural foods that are loaded with anti-oxidants and important nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are crucial for your body as well as your baby’s development. Eat as much salad as you can and try to load it with as many different colors as you can. It’s the easiest way to make sure you get all of your important foods and vitamins in your diet. Exercise, rest and drink plenty of water. Pre-natal vitamins are also good way to make sure your meeting all of your nutritional needs but remember that there’s no pill that gives you over-all health. It needs to be added to a healthy life style.