The Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Thank God for the second trimester! Your hormones are more leveled meaning you’re feeling a lot better. Hopefully your nausea has subsided even though has nausea all the way through pregnancy. Once you’ve reached the 14th week then most of your paranoia of miscarriage can also subside. The risk dropped dramatically by this time. Your energy should have returned by now and you are feeling better then ever, ready to take on the world! This is when people notice the pregnancy glow.

In addition to feeling good your sexual drive is probably kicking in now. A lot of couples are scared to have sex because it will harm the baby. However, doctors have confirmed that it will not harm the baby in any way ,so have fun because sex around this time is highly enjoyable! Your baby is pretty happy as well. Its growing definition in its facial structure and you can see its chin, nose, and forehead. It even has a neck to hold up the baby’s head. No wonder the baby is happy; it’s starting to look more human than before. You have to admit the early stages of development are alien like. If you compare animal embryos to human ones they are similar in many ways and can easily be mistaken; Just an interesting fact to chew on.

Your body is changing in miraculous ways. Your heart has increased in size to pump more blood in order to get to your baby. Your uterus size has increased dramatically. Your doctor or midwife can easily feel it position and can tell how the progress of the pregnancy is going. They can also tell whether you are carrying twins or not. Some of the signs are a faster weight gain then most women. The uterus length, whether the fundus is greater than half way to your belly button. An ultra sound can also determine twins by listening for a second heart beat. Your baby has developed hearing around this week and is comforted by your heart beat and your voice. It has developed hair and lanugos cover the body which will later disappear before birth.

Once you reach the 27th week of pregnancy, the baby has developed its eyes and can open them, it also demonstrates cases of its first hiccups and you can feel every one of them. The baby weighs about 2 pounds and its brain is showing wave activity. It may even play games with you. If you press on your stomach he will most likely press back and forth. You will also notice a routine of its sleeping patterns and the time of day where it’s up and active. One more trimester and you have a new addition to the family!