Know How Your Baby Grows In Different Stages Of Pregnancy

Are you excited to know about the different stages of pregnancy and how it affects your baby? You can get all your answers here. We give you a skinny on everything you wanted to know about your bundle of joy. There might be several questions running through your mind. Anxiety, fear, happiness and contentment, you can feel all of them at the same time. Such is the miracle of giving birth to a new life. Every woman goes through mixed feelings and it is quite normal to feel that way. So, take a chill pill and relax. Enjoy every stage of child bearing and know what goes on inside you.

What Happens Inside?

There are many grandma tales about the different stages of pregnancy, and what happens inside you. Let us check out the symptoms of these different phases.

• Initially, during the first three months, you will experience some physical changes in your body. Sore breasts, darker nipples, increase in the size of breasts are some such noticeable changes. Symptoms like morning sickness, increased heart beats, nausea, fatigue and headache will be experienced during this phase. At the end of three months, your uterus will grow a little bit and become the size of a grapefruit. Your baby too will grow to about 2 inches.
• The next three months are blissful; your baby will start developing senses. He/she will be able to hear your voice and the sounds from the surroundings. Though this stage may be accompanied with some discomfort, but it can be very exciting. Your baby bump will start showing- time to indulge in some shopping. Soon, you will be growing out of your regular size. The end of these three months will have a pleasant surprise for you. Your baby will kick start the final stage. Yes! You got it right; your little wonder will start kicking.
• The final stage of child bearing will mostly be spent in anticipation. You will be excited like mad to see your baby. Your belly will grow really big! Baby showers and shopping for the bundle of joy will be thrilling experiences. You will again go through some physical changes. Difficulty in sleeping will be faced. But this stage of pregnancy is the most rewarding one. Your baby will start communicating with you. He/she will feel all your emotions. So enjoy yourself while taking it easy.

Your Wait Is Over - Your Little One Has Arrived

Motherhood is a very beautiful experience; the thrill of bringing a new life in this world is amazing. It can give you quite an adrenaline rush. Though you will feel burned out, nothing can mar your joy. Some women might feel bummed out, but this is just a phase and will pass away. This is a good time to just put up your legs and enjoy the attention. Your baby will keep you on your feet due to frequent feeding and nappy changing. But no other experience can replace the solace and contentment of motherhood. It will be easy to deal with all the phases if you are well aware about the different stages of pregnancy.