Information About Pregnancy Stages – A Must For Every “To Be” Mom

Every potential mother remains curious about the three pregnancy stages. Knowing about the inevitable changes in the body is very important. Moreover, being aware of the stages offers the unmatched advantage of taking care of the fetus sufficiently. That, in turn, ensures proper health of both the baby and the “to be” mom. It is also essential from the point of view of the overall implications of a successful pregnancy.

Many women lack the exact information about the changes taking place during the trimesters. For clarification, let us discuss about the three trimesters:-

First trimester: The first trimester is marked by the onset of various pregnancy symptoms, including tender breasts, morning sickness, headache, fatigue, dizziness and frequent urination. As the fetus develops, at the end of the first trimester, it becomes the size of a marble. The fetus starts from a combination of cells to get its limbs. The process includes gaining heartbeat and reflexes. Mood swings, frequent urination, gastrointestinal symptoms and bulging varicose veins are some other common symptoms in the first trimester.

Moreover, the mother can usually feel the movements of the tiny limbs of the child at the end of the first trimester. It is the peak time to take a nutritious diet and start taking parental care.

Second trimester: The second trimester includes the continuous growth of the fetus. Throughout the second term, the mother may find herself incapable of organizing her thoughts. Moreover, there are other pregnancy related discomforts such as sleeping troubles. The Braxton Hicks contractions may also be noticed during this period. The baby usually starts to develop senses and hair all over its body during this term. The mother may also feel the kicks of the baby at the end of this trimester. Abdominal and low back pain, frequent urination, nose and gum bleeding, vaginal discharge and itching may also be part of the second trimester. At the end of the term, the baby usually becomes about 20-25 centimeters in size.

Third trimester: The third trimester is earmarked for the final touches being imparted successfully to the baby. The baby gets his shape and develops his immune and nervous systems to get ready for birth. The temperature of the body of the mother may also rise.

The body of the mother changes the max during this term. The belly seems to resemble a basketball as the swelling is the highest in this stage. Additionally, the ankles, fingers and face may also swell up. This swelling is known as edema and is a common phenomenon.

In this trimester, a fluid known as colostrums may start leaking from the nipples. Excess fatigue is also common in the third trimester. Moreover, Braxton Hicks contractions may become more frequent and intense as the delivery date approaches. Many women also suffer from a decreased sex drive in the third trimester.

Having adequate knowledge about the three pregnancy stages can be helpful while going through them. It not only helps in understanding the developments of fetus in the uterus but also keeps the mother and baby safe from any unwanted situation. However, if complications arise, it is wise to meet a doctor without losing time.