How To Choose A Pregnancy Doctor

It is good to be under the care of a qualified pregnancy doctor. Whether you are planning to conceive or have conceived and are seeking professional medical help, a prenatal care specialist can guide you towards a safe delivery. It is always better to stick to the same expert from the beginning till the end. So, be careful before you make your first visit.

Remember- it is all about comfort. A pregnant woman must be comfortable with her obstetrician. She should be able to relate with confidence all her doubts, fears and discomforts - without any apprehension. Moreover, she should have the confidence that the health care provider will be able to handle any complications or emergencies with dexterity.

Your visit to the pregnancy doctor is not a one time visit. It is going to last for quite some time, say at least for nine months till you deliver. This is a long term relationship. So while making a choice, look for someone who can give you the right kind of guidance and counseling through every stage of pregnancy and thereafter. It would be better to discuss the issues related to finding good medical help with your partner or a friend who has been through pregnancy.

First jot down what your needs and expectations are. Then make a list of the doctors who you have heard of in the city. Take opinions from different people about each of them. Find a pregnancy doctor who best suits your need and expectations. This way, you can do away with disappointment to a large extent.

Here are some questions that you can ask before making a choice:

Alternatives Available

What are the prenatal care alternatives available in your area (doula, maternal-fetal medicine specialists, midwives, obstetricians, or obstetric nurses). This will again depend on the health conditions and the medical attention that a pregnant woman needs. High risk pregnancies will require the sophisticated care of maternal-fetal medicine specialists while a healthy woman may even settle for an experienced doula.

Technical Aspects

Look for the qualification and the experience of the doctor. Does the pregnancy doctor display professionalism? Is he or she genuinely interested in the patient’s well being? One way to find out is to check out the listening skills and the time that is given to each individual patient.


While choosing obstetric assistance, you also need to take into consideration the practical aspects involved. An important factor is location. How long will it take for you to reach the place? Will you be able to travel to the place without any hassles? Make sure that the least amount of time is spent in travel and visits.


The facilities offered at the hospital are equally important as the doctor itself. Find out about the professionalism of the support staff, especially the nurses. Also, gather details on the equipments and gadgets and lab facilities available. A good obstetric facility should be equipped to handle any emergency at any time.

Success Rates

Find out the success rate of babies delivered in proportion to his or her experience as this is a good indicator of the efficiency and competence of the pregnancy doctor.