How Common Is Pregnancy Constipation?

Though pregnancy constipation is a common condition, but passing poo can become more difficult than you would have imagined. Blame it on your hormones; when they play dirty games, you are in for some serious discomfort. This condition may not be serious in nature, but with so many things to deal with already, it surely can give you chills down the spine. Here, let us share some good to know information about its causes, prevention and care.

What Causes Constipation?

There are two things that cause this condition; hormones and enlargement of the uterus. Pregnancy makes your system sluggish and progesterone (pregnancy hormone) further relaxes the bowel movements. These hormonal changes slow down the transition of food through the intestines. The other cause, the growing uterus, puts pressure on your rectum. And it becomes difficult for the already hardened stool to be expelled from these narrow tracts.

How Do I Prevent Pregnancy Constipation?

Here’s the skinny to deal with this problem. Firstly, know what you shouldn’t be doing. Then we shall talk about what should be done.

Do not resort to laxatives, these can be addictive. You don’t want to be a slave to medicines, do you? Instead, change your lifestyle and eating habits. Include fiber rich food in your diet, incorporate some exercises and adopt therapies. Read below to know more about its prevention.

  • Fiber rich food – Make oats and bran your best friends. But remember, you also need to increase the intake of water. Oats and bran have a tendency to bulk up, which can further harden your stool. Fluid intake helps in maintaining its consistency.
  • Indulge in exercise – Exercise is not only good for your overall fitness, but will also prevent pregnancy constipation. Consult your gynecologist to know if you have a high risk or a low risk pregnancy. If you have a low risk one, then normal physical exercises like swimming, walking, cycling and the like are good.
  • Home therapy – This therapy may be unheard of. Well, these home remedies may not be proved scientifically but are absolutely safe and effective. Try this, drink a glass of warm milk before hitting the bed. Add few strands of saffron to this milk and you will thank us for this tip. Another such home remedy is Aloe Vera and Indian gooseberry. Mix 2 teaspoon each of Aloe- Vera juice and Indian gooseberry juice and gulp it down before retiring to bed. This is a sure fire solution for constipation.

While you are preggers, it makes sense to play with a full deck than being caught by surprise. There are some more treatments that can be adopted like reflexology, aromatherapy, acupuncture, acupressure, ayurveda, homeopathy, shiatsu and so on. But before you adopt such therapies, give our home remedies a try. You never know, these may cure you completely. There are some fruits that are known to have laxative properties, ask your doctor about them. Don’t punish yourself by tolerating this condition. Discuss it with your partner and your doctor. So, here’s all you wanted to know about this common problem. We guess this information overload would have bummed you out by now. But fret not, almost 50% of women world over suffer from pregnancy constipation.