Fetal Development – Important Pregnancy Weeks To Track The Growth Of The Baby

Knowing the important pregnancy weeks is an important thing during pregnancy. This not only keeps you informed about the growth of the baby but also ensures a successful pregnancy.

Pregnancy Milestones

Here, we have discussed some of the most important pregnancy weeks that are marked as the milestones of fetal development:

The process of pregnancy starts with conception. Week 2 could be taken to be the time when the pregnancy period starts. The fertilized egg, known as zygote, travels through the fallopian tube to reach the uterus after nearly three to four days of fertilization.

By week 4 the zygote implants itself to the uterine wall. The zygote is now termed an embryo. The embryo then splits into two parts; one of which becomes the placenta and the other the baby.

By pregnancy week 6, the baby’s heart starts to beat blood begins to circulate throughout the body. The eyes, head, liver and intestines start forming by the end of this week.

Week 10 is the end of embryonic stage of development and the last week of the first trimester. The baby’s external genitalia form in this week. The baby also gets apparent facial features and limbs. As this week finishes, the baby’s external organs develop completely and start functioning.

By week 14 of pregnancy, the starting week of second trimester, the baby’s reproductive organs takes shape. The baby also gets hair and fingernails during this week. The movement of the baby can now be felt by the mother.

In the second trimester, pregnancy week 18 is very important. The baby’s fingers and toe pads take form in the beginning of this week. Moreover, the bones of the baby’s ear also take shape and the baby starts responding to external sound. The baby, by the end of week 18 measures about 5 inches.

Another important week in the second trimester is week 22. The baby’s senses start functioning during this pregnancy week. The baby’s sweat glands and brain also starts to work.

By week 26, the development of the retina finishes and the eye starts functioning. The baby may start blinking by the end of this week. This week is also the last week of the second trimester.

The third trimester is possibly the time when the baby develops the most important changes that will define its future forever. By week 30, the baby begins to breathe. You may feel the baby hiccupping in this week! This usually happens due to swallowing of too much of amniotic fluid. If the baby were to get born now, she would have fair chances of survival.

Week 40 is the last week of the gestational period. The baby is complete now in all respects but still, it may take two more weeks to come into the world.

It is important to take note of the above mentioned pregnancy weeks to ensure a safe and successful pregnancy term. The growth of the baby in relation to the pregnancy weeks helps to have healthy and problem-free pregnancy.