Excessive Weight Gain During Pregnancy Is Not Good

Excessive weight gain during pregnancy is harmful for you. As per the guidelines of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists, it is fine to put on an average weight of 25 and 35 pounds.

You must be careful about what you eat during those nine months of pregnancy. You need to make sure that your body receives the required amount of nutrition. At the same time, you must not overeat and put on loads of weight. You must not add pounds that are unnecessary for the body. If you become fat, you are sure to face discomfort in your back. Chances of high blood pressure are common in overweight people. And once you deliver the baby, you will find it extremely difficult to get back into shape. It is very difficult to lose weight in the early months after delivery. You will regret your food habits then. But it will be too late by that time.

Your body needs extra food for the baby when you are pregnant. But that does not mean that you can eat junk food as that will result in weight gain during pregnancy. You need to make sure that you eat a balanced nutritious diet that is good for you and the baby. It makes sense to consult a nutritionist on what kinds of food you should eat when you are pregnant. Some women are already on the heavier side. They need not put on the same amount of weight that thin people might need to. The amount of weight that you can put on will be different if you have twins or triplets. Your doctor will guide you on how much weight you can gain during pregnancy. Listen to the obstetrician.

Women who have a high BMI need to be extra cautious. They must control the amount of weight gain during pregnancy. But that does not mean you can go on a diet. Dieting during pregnancy is extremely harmful for both you and your baby. If you are diabetic, then you need to have healthy BMI before you get pregnant. It is advisable that you check your diet with your doctor. Most hospitals have a specially trained team of doctors and nurses who take care of diabetic would-be-moms. If you know that you are diabetic before conceiving, then take extra care.

Avoiding excess weight gain is not too difficult. All you should do is to eat sensibly. Any pregnant woman will need around 2,500 calories a day. About ten percent of your calories should come from meat, eggs and fish. Around thirty five percent should come from dairy products and nuts. The rest of the fifty five percent comes from bread, rice, fruits and vegetables. You can have an occasional treat of chocolate and pizza. But make sure you do not binge. Apart from gaining weight, you might have the tendency to puke after binging. Weight gain during pregnancy is something that you need to handle with extreme care.