Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Pregnancy

From the moment your baby is conceived there are certain needs that your baby has such as a balanced diet full of the essential 13 vitamins. These are the foundation of a healthy baby and a healthy You. We all know that prenatal vitamins are a must but have you ever wondered why? These essentials perform vital roles in your pregnancy.

Prenatal vitamins are your insurance policy but they will never replace the need for vitamin rich foods in the diet. A pregnancy diet should include an ample supply of fruits and vegetables, a variety of animal products, and whole grain breads and fortified cereals. If this is done then the bases should be covered.

Vitamin A benefits the mother by aiding lactation, placental membranes, and hormones. It benefits the baby by assisting with growth, vision, hair, skin, mucous membranes, and protects against infections.

Vitamin B benefits the mother also aiding in lactation, metabolism of fats, sugar, and protein. Benefits to baby include nerve function promotion, heart and palate development.

Vitamin C benefits the mother’s connective tissues, fights viruses, and helps the absorption of iron. It helps baby distribute oxygen, boosts immunity, and helps teeth.

Vitamin D helps mother’s teeth and promotes calcium and phosphorus absorption. While hardening babies bones and assisting with skull development.

Vitamin E helps mothers heal after birth, fights stretch marks and prevents anemia. It helps babies blood cell formation, heart, and fights jaundice.

Vitamin K promotes mothers healthy blood clotting and protects baby from hemorrhages.

Vitamin F allows vitamin absorption and promotes mothers healthy skin. It helps babies developing kidneys and brain, general growth and hormone levels.

Calcium is essential for mothers healthy bones and teeth and helps promote healthy nerves/muscles. It promotes healthy growth of babies bones and teeth too.

Iron helps mothers respiratory function and fights fatigue. It helps babies blood cell count and bone growth.

Magnesium promotes mothers energy levels, muscles, and labor contraction. It helps the development of babies heart, nervous and skeletal systems.