Delivery Care During First Pregnancy

The first pregnancy is a special time for all those couples who have been dreaming about a baby. It is a time to be very careful. Women tend to be anxious and restless since the physical discomfort and mental tension makes them prone to stress, especially if it is a first pregnancy. They should try to relax and enjoy the pregnancy confinement term.

During pregnancy, women are scared and this fright is heightened if it is their first one. Complications can arise in all pregnancies but it has been observed that first pregnancy is more prone to complications. Women can ask and clear all pregnancy questions regarding delivery and the help they would get from their doctor or midwife. This would enhance their confidence which is very important for delivering a baby into this world.

First pregnancies can get a bit complicated though exact reasons for this are not very clear. Labor complications are more for first time moms than for women who have delivered before. The risks associated can be reduced by the timely help of doctors, midwives and medicines.

There are certain guidelines which when followed can lead to reduction in delivery complications. Some of these are:

  • Women should be admitted at the onset of labor. This can avoid the greater risk of cesarean births which is more for women in active labor.
  • Induction of labor in first pregnancy should be done only when absolutely necessary. There is a greater risk of caesarean births, longer labor and operative vaginal births. The babies are also found to have low APGAR scores.
  • Episiotomies are said to have no medical benefits. These can also lead to third degree lacerations of rectum and permanent bowel incontinence when done in first pregnancy. Thus, they should be performed only if that becomes imperative.
  • Labor support should be given since this can reduce labor and increase normal deliveries. Practices like advocacy, comfort measures, sensory stimuli, birthing balls, emotional support and positioning can help.
  • Pregnancy questions should be cleared with patience so that women have no doubts regarding the delivery process. Pre natal classes should be encouraged. There are many articles regarding pregnancy and these can be read to improve knowledge. Women should be taught to recognize labor pains and distinguish active labor pains. They should also be taught when they should go to the hospital.

Labor support is of utmost importance to a first time mother-to-be. This aspect of deliver care is returning back into the labor rooms. A couple of years ago, this was replaced by technical monitoring and medical interventions. But things are reverting to the past and the human touch is being valued again. It has been proven scientifically that labor support has beneficial affects on mothers and babies.

First pregnancy is a time to celebrate. One must keep in mind the responsibilities that would follow once the baby is born. Extreme care should be taken to ensure that proper procedures are followed and appropriate medication and support is given to the mother during delivery.