Deal With Your Unplanned Pregnancy

Worried about your unplanned pregnancy? Don’t press the panic button; instead, learn to deal with your situation. This is the most difficult time of your life and you just have to be strong. Undoubtedly, it is more frightening when you have to deal with it alone. Firstly, clear your mind and heart of guilt and fear, as only then will you be able to think objectively. Give yourself some time, weep in loneliness, cry, and let the truth sink inside. Acceptance is very crucial; else you may end up taking a wrong decision. This is a testing time and it’s your own battle, fight it out. Don’t give up!

Once you get over the sobbing phase, which will last for around 2 to 3 days, you will be able to evaluate the situation better.

Ask yourself few questions:-

  • Am I ready for bearing a child?
  • Can I care for one more life?
  • Am I ready to take emotional as well as financial responsibility?
  • Is single parenting my cup of tea?
  • Do I have a support system to fall back on?
  • Will the baby’s birth affect my career?
  • How will I cope with the expenses?
  • What if there is a complication in the pregnancy?

If you have doubts about any of these questions, it is a sign that you are not ready for child bearing. However, if you answer all these questions positively, then you are prepared for an unplanned pregnancy. This makes your life easier; you start taking care of yourself and share the news with your near and dear ones. You can inform your boss and apply for a maternity leave in advance. But, if your answers are not positive, now is the time to either take help from a counselor, doctor or a friend.

What Do You Do When You Don’t Want The Child?

Now that you have evaluated your situation and realized that you cannot go ahead with this pregnancy, you have two options. Either abort the child or put up the baby for adoption. The latter will be a difficult thing to do since you would be bearing the child for 9 months and chances are that you might get attached to the baby. This kind of emotional attachment will make it very difficult to part with the baby later. So, the former option seems better. Not that it is the perfect solution. Aborting a child has its own perils. It can leave a deep emotional scar. But, you’ve got to go to the mattress. This cannot be taken lying down. Gather courage and put things straight before it is too late.

Life After Abortion

Dealing with an abortion can play havoc with your emotions. There will be feelings of guilt, depression, anxiety, emptiness and a certain vacuum. Though these feelings will subside with time, but the wound may not heal soon. You would need counseling to come to terms with the truth of your life. Like they say – “Time is the best healer”. Give yourself some time. Whether it is abortion or an unplanned pregnancy, it can surely be depressing.