Common Pregnancy Complications In Women

Some women go through the nine-month tenure without pregnancy complications. There are others for who the nine months become an ordeal. Pregnancy is a wonderful experience for a woman. She finds herself undergoing various changes both emotionally and physically. At times she might feel that she is on an emotional roller coaster. There are certain symptoms that every expecting mom needs to be aware of in order to avoid any kind of pregnancy complications. Here are list of those symptoms -

  • Vaginal spotting is common during the initial stages of pregnancy, especially during intercourse. But if you have heavy bleeding, then you need to consult your doctor immediately.

  • During the first trimester, it is common to have cramps. Strong cramps are not normal. Try drinking a warm glass of water. If the cramp still persists, contact your doctor.
  • If you have regular headaches during pregnancy, then it can be a sign of pregnancy induced high blood pressure. High blood pressure needs to be treated before it is harmful for both the baby and mother.
  • If you feel that you are retaining excess fluid, than consult a doctor immediately. This leads to toxemia that can be life threatening.
  • After the 20th week, you will be able to feel your baby move regularly. If for any reason you feel that the bay is not moving, rush to the nearest hospital.

Some common complications that take place during pregnancy are:

Miscarriage – If the pregnancy gets terminated in the first six months, then it is called miscarriage.

Ectopic pregnancy: Ectopic pregnancy happens when the fertilized egg implants itself in the fallopian tube. Due to lack of space, the fetus bursts. If not treated immediately, it can cause the death of mother.

Pre-eclampsia: This is also called pregnancy induced hypertension. This is more common in case of first pregnancy.

Placental abruption and Placenta previa: In both the cases the bleeding happens in the third trimester of pregnancy. Placenta previa is low lying placenta. Placental abruption is where the placenta separates itself from the lining of the womb. Both are harmful for the fetus.

Gestational Diabetes: This is a kind of diabetes that lasts as long as the pregnancy. The body fails to produce enough insulin to cope with the changes. This is more common in late pregnancies or if there is any kind of family history.

Premature rupture of membrane: Here, the membrane that holds the baby gets torn before full. This can happen due to insufficient diet or any kind of vaginal infection. Usually the mom–to-be needs to take total bed rest. She must be monitored regularly.

Preterm labor: This is labor that starts before 7 weeks of pregnancy. This can happen due to smoking, induced abortion, multiple fetuses. It needs to taken care of immediately.

Pregnancy complications can be avoided by regularly monitoring the fetus and taking care during the tenure.