A Week By Week Account Of Your Pregnancy

40 weeks? Well, it does scary enough, but not any more. With our week by week account of your pregnancy, child bearing can be a cake walk. Pregnancy is one of the most blissful experiences in a woman’s life; the miracle of giving birth to a new life is simply magical. It is good to know about the physical and the biological changes that will take place within you. From a cherry sized bud to a full grown baby, the transition is mesmerizing. And to top it up, all this is happening inside you. Unbelievable, but true, this is the most beautiful phase of your life, so enjoy every bit of it.

There are three pregnancy stages- first trimester, second trimester and the third trimester. Each trimester is of three months, hence it is called a trimester. From Week 1 to 13, you will be in your first trimester.

Week 14 to 27 is the second trimester and week 28 to 40 is the third trimester. The changes and developments will vary in each trimester and you will be surprised to know how early your baby’s heart starts beating.

A Week By Week Detailed Guide

Be an informed parent, read our week by week pregnancy guide for the first trimester.

Week 1 To 13

  1. You will have the last period before conception, since you are not going to get these for the next nine months. There won’t be many changes in your body right now.
  2. Your estrogen levels will rise and you will feel energetic.
  3. Pheromones will make you sexually attractive.
  4. Women might experience a strange metallic odor in their mouth. Mood swings are also common.
  5. Morning sickness, nausea and vomiting are common during this week. Tenderness of breasts will be felt.
  6. Your senses will be heightened in this week. Your waistline will get bigger, though no one will be able to tell it yet.
  7. This week is marked by constipation. But there is good news; your skin will glow like never before.
  8. Sore breasts, heartburn and dark nipples are some signs.
  9. Gum infection, nasal congestion, and fainting episodes may be noticed.
  10. You will feel warmer, due to the increased blood flow. Moodiness will continue to bother you.
  11. The baby bump will start showing slightly. This marks the end of morning sickness.
  12. The fatigue and dizziness will disappear, you will feel more energetic.
  13. You will experience food cravings. Some women experience pain, but this is normal.

    So, you are completely geared up for the first trimester of your pregnancy. Usually, this phase is considered to be scarier than any other stages of pregnancy. Especially, if you are preggers for the first time. There is a lot of confusion, fear and anxiety. Not to mention the accompanied joy and happiness. Motherhood can change your life 360 degrees. Educating yourself about the various weeks of pregnancy can be really helpful. You won’t be caught by surprise. A well informed mother-to-be is less likely to panic. So, educate yourself and your partner about the week by week pregnancy changes.